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Concert Coach Hire

Southend on Sea Concert Coach Hire
If you are looking for the best concerts in Southend, we definitely know where to take you for the night or day. In our concert coach hire bus, we give you the chance to sit back and relax as a qualified driver takes on the wheels. As Southend on Sea minibus hire, we are making sure you party the night or day with peace of mind that there is convenient transport packed around the corner. 
By choosing our minibus hire in Southend on Sea services, you are agreeing to be exclusive in how you travel around. No need to flag down taxis in the streets or stand uneasy in the subway train holding your bag close to you. We will provide a Mercedes 16 seater, a Ford Transit 8 seater or large 72 seater Volvos to ensure you all travel safely together. 
Things to Do in Southend on Sea  
When there is no concert happening during the day, you can take advantage of that moment and hunt the city for attractions. There are plenty of places to explore and learn something new about Southend. Moreover, given the town is located by the seaside, expect serene landscapes and interesting buildings by the River Thames. 
The Kursaal 
Kursaal was one of the popular theme parks open to the public at the start of the 20th century. However, it closed down and opened way to bowling arcades, a casino and a Mega bowl. There may be no green open spaces to play anymore but you can try your luck at the casinos or spend the day with family in the arcades. 
The Cliff Lift 
This is a short railway stretch that connects the seaside to the upper side of Southend town. Construction of the Cliff Lift completed in early 19th century and opened to the public until it closed down for renovation. After a series of renovations, the Cliff Lift opened again in the 20th century for public. When Southend Pier is far from reach, the Cliff Lift is a second alternative equally interesting. 
Events in Southend on Sea 
Now for the concerts, here are a few you definitely should not miss: 
James Morrison Concert, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on Sea (7th March 2016) 
Guns 2 Roses, The Chinnerys, Southend on Sea (5th March 2016) 
Sleeping Beauty Ballet & Orchestra (Russian Even), Cliffs Pavilion, (5th March 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We are the ultimate choice for all your concert coach hire needs. We provide top-notch vehicles with trained friendly drivers to be your chauffer. If there is a new concert in town, we will get you there and ensure you have the night of your life.