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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Southend on Sea Birthday Coach Hire  

Just as the name suggests, Southend on Sea is a large resort town on the coastline of the River Thames. It is in this town that you find the Southend Pier, the biggest pier used for leisure activities in the entire world. So by default, Southend is a perfect tourist destination with plenty of fun to have in all seasons.  
As Southend on Sea Minibus Hire, we have established a successive couch rental business in the town with most of our clientele being incoming tourists. We will avail our Mercedes 16 seater at the airport or you will find the Ford Transit couch at the parking lot of your hotel once you book with us online.
Things to Do in Southend on Sea
The existence of the River Thames has brought forth a number of attractions to the city—from luxury beaches to wildlife sanctuaries open to visitors. Since it’s your birthday, we will offer our minibus hire in Southend on Sea driver to chauffer you around, pointing out the best attractions. 
The Two Tree Island 
This Island is connected to Southend through the bridge at Leigh and is part of the Essex Wildlife Trust. Here you will connect with nature as you enjoy the wildlife, especially the many bird species that call this sanctuary home. The entire reserve is carpeted with both indigenous and exotic trees as several tributaries feeding Thames run through the vegetation, creating this picturesque scene any landscape photographer would love. 
Southend on Sea Pier 
Definitely you have to go see this pier to fully understand its popularity. As recorded, it is one of the largest piers in the world used solely for leisure purposes and even has a train passing through it. On this pier, you will get the most magnificent view of the sea as you share a bottle of wine or ram with your birthday gang. Or you can wind up here in the evening and enjoy the long walk from end to end as you reconnect with buddies. 
Hadleigh Castle  
The Hadleigh Castle, or what is left of it, was once a fortified castle dwelt by royalty in the 12th century. The castle was built to overlook the serene Essex marshes; the best highlight being its two towers that are drum shaped. Sadly though, the castle was destroyed in war, later refortified, but then never stood the test of time. Though much of it is rubble, the drum towers are still present today surrounded by a carpet of velvety green grass.  
Hadleigh Farm  
Overlooking the Hadleigh Castle ruins is this interesting farm that offers lots of outdoor activities for interested visitors. Besides harbouring breathtaking landscapes, the farm grew to become a large commercial centre for rare breed farming. After a morning of interviewing the farm owners about their passion for farming, you can spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the landscapes. There is plenty of space for normal cycling, mountain biking or some extreme cross-country cycling sport.  
Events in Southend on Sea 

Collabro Vocal Group UK Tour, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on Sea (4th-5th Mar 2016) 
James Morrison Concert (Feat. Kelvin Jones), Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on Sea (7th Mar 2016) 
The Moody Blues Tribute, Palace Theatre, Southend on Sea (19th Mar 2016) 
The Noise Next Door (Noise in the Hood), Palace Theatre, Southend on Sea (11th Mar 2016) 
One Night of Rock, Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on Sea (30th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

As a minibus hire in Southend on Sea Company, we want to make your birthday the most memorable one. You already have your friends gathered and all you need is a convenient vehicle to get around in. How about one of our Volvos? We guarantee our birthday coach hire package is quite affordable and with amazing perks.